You can register for a .bit account in multiple languages or even emoji. The supported language character sets are as follows.

  1. Englishopen in new window
  2. Emojisopen in new window
  3. Arabic numeralsopen in new window

The number of language character sets supported by .bit will be increased continuously.

Fraud prevention

Also, to avoid name fraud, .bit prohibits the use of certain character sets in combination with each other. For example, the Russian character set cannot be used in combination with the English character set. For the .bit system, satоshi.bit is not a legitimate account because the letters о in it are Russian characters and the other characters are English characters. But satоshi.bit is a legitimate account because all characters in it are English characters. This effectively avoids frauds that are difficult to recognize by ordinary users.

Character set combination rules.

CharSetTypeopen in new windowEnglishArabic numeralsEmojis
1Arabic numerals

✅ Indicates that the characters in these two character sets are combinable and can appear in the same .bit account name.