.bit Integration Guide

After the branding upgrade, we upgraded the DAS branding to .bit, but to maintain forward compatibility, the open source library will remain the DAS brand for now.

Prepare for Integration

It's recommended reading through docs.did.idopen in new window document, so that the developer's time can be saved.

The key content:

Integration Guide

Application Example

If you do not know what to build, here is an example.

Application Example

Frontend Integration

If you need to integrate .bit in Web frontend, you need to read this document.

Guide of Frontend Integration

Backend Integration

If you need to integrate .bit in backend, you need to read this document.

Guide of Backend API Integration

Wallet Integration

If you are developing a wallet, then you can not only resolve .bit account to improve user experience, but also list .bit Registration Service to earn commission.

Guide of Wallet Integration

.bit Alias

.bit Alias is one of the most powerful feature of .bit, which provide an extra layer of security for users in blockchain world.

Guide of .bit Alias

List Your Dapp on .bit Official Website

We are constantly collecting projects that have completed integration with .bit. If we have missed your project information, please email [email protected] with the following information:

  • Project name;
  • Logo and URL;
  • Project description.

Useful Resources

Contact Us

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